TK’s V6 Animal Review

Bought this hand held stick vacuum 3 years ago and purchased the Customer Care Warranty as well.
When the vac didn’t suck for as long as it should be, Harvey Norman gave me back the credit for the purchase price without any questions asked and I of course bought another Dyson. Simply brilliant piece of vac – no wires dangling around, very light and sucks even better than any electric corded vacuum that I have ever owned. I would only buy a Dyson Stick Vacuum no matter what it costs me because it’s so easy to clean my house at any second of the day. Pick up the vacuum and it starts doing the job like a breeze. Any surface – car or in the house – works like a gem! It’s just an amazing piece of invention from James Dyson! Now I’ve upgraded to a V6 Animal with extra credit that I got back from the warranty.Thank you.